Recently I had the privilege of trying out this incredible fully immersive dining experience with a “unique chef-meets-mechanic concept.” It was definitely something I’ve never experienced or thought I ever would. We were greeted by “Gastro Mechanics” clad in welding masks that guided us through the process, all while wielding giant blowtorches with flames flying high.


(filling brioche donuts with nitrous foams)


The Gastro Garage begins my deconstructing classic dishes and reconstructing them into what they call “tanks”; a savory brioche donut, filled with ‘nitrous foam’ in a variety of flavors and then torched with gourmet toppings, finishing oils, purees and spices.


(Drunken Clucker)


The entire experience takes place while seated at the “Gastro Bar” where you can enjoy a front row view of the show with the chef’s choice, four-course “Torch Me” menu starting at $50 that exhibits a variety of the ‘red-hot’ selections and unique specials.


(Piston Pizza Tank)


You can also order any three ‘tanks’ for $12 at the grab-and-go ‘Gastro Counter’ and lounge in the garage in a more casual setting.



(Cubano Tank)

The pop-up space has been designed to look like a drive-through auto service bay, complete with oil drums, hub cabs, vintage motorcycles and of course, Rock ‘N’ Roll music and videos playing in the background. They even have their own Pandora station!



(Teriyaki Salmon with Béarnaise Foam)
The Gastro Garage will be open in Hollywood every Thursday through Saturday until February 11. Walk-ups are available, but reservations are strongly recommended as there is limited seating. Please call 310-993-3979 to make a reservation or visit for more information.
Chef’s Choice
2 Savory Gastro Tanks
2 Drill Bits
1 Gastro Side
2 Sweet Gastro Tanks
**Market Price** Starting at $50
** Any 3 for $12 **
Savory Gastro Tanks
Filly Tank – Aged Sharp White Cheddar Foam + Torched New York Strip + Caramelized Onion Puree + Truffle Salt
Cubano Tank – Gruyere Foam + Torched 12 Hour Slow Roasted Pork + Applewood Smoked Ham + Mustard Caviar + Dill Plank
Piston Pizza Tank – Mozzarella Foam + Torched Shredded Mozzarella + Tomato Basil Puree + Fresh Basil
Drunken Clucker – Pinot Grigio Fondue Foam + Torched Chardonnay Chicken Suspended in Baby Swiss + Applewood Smoked Ham + Bacon Crunch + Champagne Dijon
Sweet Gastro Tanks
Campfire Tank -Double Chocolate Foam + Torched Marshmallow Pillow & Graham Powder + Milk Chocolate Chunk 
Princess Buttercup Tank – Double Chocolate Foam + Torched Sweet Peanut Puree + Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup + Nutter Butter Powder
Apple Pie A La Torch Tank 

– Sweet Vanilla Bean Foam Cinnamon Apple Puree Torched Sharp Cheddar + Graham Powder
(Campfire Tank – Image courtesy of The Gastro Garage)