Ever since the famous Mr. Holmes Bakehouse opened their doors here in Los Angeles, I’ve been anxiously trying to get my hands on a stuffed donut.


Originally from San Francisco, Mr. Holmes Bakehouse brought the “Cruffin” to life. ‘What is a “Cruffin?,”‘ you ask? Well, if you cant figure it out on your own, its the deliciously lethal combination of a croissant and a muffin. Which is also something I was dying to try.


(Image Courtesy of mrholmesbakehouse.com)

Today I finally made it out, and in true Bruno Leandro fashion, I arrived an hour before closing. Naturally, I had limited options. The “Cruffin” was sold out. BUT I was able to try their stuffed donuts, which I was most excited about. I tried the “egg nog” and the “chocolate earl grey” stuffed donut, as well as the “Ferrero Rocher croissant” and a regular croissant. I always start by judging a bakery by their basic croissants. If they have good croissants, then they are doing it right. The croissants they make at Mr. Holmes Bakehouse are in a league of their own. Most of the pastries made consist of their croissant dough, like their sweet and savory bread puddings, monkey breads topped with “puppy chow”, and of course the “Cruffin“. The stuffed donuts were also life changing. They interchange their flavors, so you always get something new and exciting. I cannot wait to go back, this time way earlier, in order to try their other treats! (Ew, I hate the word treat.)


If you’re in the LA area (or San Francisco or Seoul) then you MUST check Mr. Holmes out!