It’s that time of year! That expensive time of year where we shower our loved ones with things we think they’re going to love!

One of my favorite things to post is a gift guide. I love giving my people gifts and seeing their reactions. Below I’ve listed my top picks for holiday gift giving.



For her:


Luggage Set – I am literally DYING over this super cute luggage set from CalPak. I am obsessed with anything white marble and it just so happens that’s super on trend right now. This set will literally turn heads at the airport and only in a good way. It’s also considerably affordable for a 3-piece set. They also have 2-piece sets and they sell each suitcase individually.   ($365)


Cake Stand – I once read that Martha Stewart was most proud of her cake stand collection and loves to use them for more than just serving cakes. I am obsessed with that and am obsessed with using a cake stand as a table centerpiece. My aunt Sharon always says she loves to have something yummy in her cake stand at all times, so I learned it from her. I love having desserts on display for when I have guests over or even for me to just look at. Who wouldn’t want to have dessert on display at all times! This one from Pier 1 is really cute and stylish and also ridiculously affordable.   ($19.95)


French Coffee Press – This is the perfect gift for the coffee lover in your life. Since I can remember, my mother has been an avid coffee drinker. To this day, she always has a fresh coffee press full at all times. A French press is the best way to enjoy coffee, as it keeps the natural oils in the coffee rather than in the paper filter, resulting in a fuller, darker, and more full-bodied brew. Target has a great selection, like this Bodum 8 cup press.   ($19.99)



Voluspa Candles – One of my favorite candles. I find candles so relaxing and revitalizing. I love coming home, lighting all my candles and just sitting there and unwinding after a long day. Voluspa has such an incredible variety of scents and seriously, they all smell amazing. My home is filled with Voluspa candles everywhere. They’re affordable and great quality. And they make awesome gifts!   ($18)



Fur Throw – The perfect added touch to any living area is a fur throw. You can easily drape it over your couch or the foot of your bed and add a luxurious feel. I have a white one draped over my black leather couch and it looks so chic and cozy. I love this fur throw (faux of course!) from Houzz. It looks super luxe and expensive but is actually completely affordable. And hurry because its currently 40% off!   (169.99  |  $102.32)



For him:


Moscow Mule Set – Mules are so trendy right now and not to mention delicious! This is the perfect gift for that mixologist in your life. This set from Williams-Sonoma is perfect because it includes 2 mugs, ginger lime Moscow Mule mix, a jigger, and a WS logo towel. Hurry and get it soon because its currently 40% off!   ($109.95  |  $87.96)


Cast Iron Skillet – For the meat-eating enthusiast in your life! A must have for cooking steak indoors. Let me tell you, you will never taste a steak as delicious as one cooked in a cast iron skillet. That is how they do it in the best of the best steakhouses! Not only for steaks. There are plenty of different foods that can be cooked in one of these kitchen must-haves. They range in price but here is a good one that already comes “seasoned.” (Stay tuned to see how to season an unseasoned cast-iron skillet!)   ($15.92)


Shaving Kit – Now that everyone has a beard. They need to know how to maintain it! The Art of Shaving is an amazing source for all things facial hair. Their products are high quality and give you the results you need. I actually use their products and I love them. To introduce your hairy recipient to the world of high end facial hair care, they have the perfect starter kit that’s super affordable! It includes a pre-shave oil, shaving cream, after-shave balm, and a badger shaving brush. Also comes in several scents.   ($30)


The Alchemist – This book isn’t particularly for a him or her. It’s for anyone and everyone. This book changed my life and made me see things in such a way. It enlightened me to see life differently. It inspired me. If you know anyone who loves a good read, this book is a must! It’s a book that can be read over and over again and feel refreshed and inspired every time. The Alchemist has been published in over 67 languages and is one of the best-selling books of all time.   ($10.80)


Leather Backpack – Backpacks are the new briefcases! While I was traveling this last year, I realized I was spending a lot of time out exploring and as the day progressed, I was collecting lots of different things. I found myself sticking everything in an ugly plastic bag, which wasn’t very chic. I decided I needed a cool backpack STAT. I stumbled upon this really fashionable one from Zara and I love it. I always get so many compliments. It’s perfect for travel or for work. And also very affordable!   ($69.90)





YSL Coloring Book (Personalized) – I am definitely not a child anymore but this coloring book definitely makes me want to be a kid again. For the fashion-inclined kid in your life, this coloring book will make a great gift. It’s a little expensive for a coloring book, but it’s really cool because you can have it personalized with 1 to 3 initials on the bottom right, making it a great keepsake. Available at Neiman Marcus.   ($65)



Gingerbread House – As a kid, one of my favorite holiday traditions was decorating a gingerbread house and then eating it! It’s the only time you’re really allowed to play with your food! This Dylan’s Candy Bar gingerbread house comes pre-assembled, which takes away that annoying portion of the activity. All you have to do is decorate it! The real fun part!   ($45)



Cookbook – If a kid shows interest in cooking, a cookbook is the perfect gift to inspire and encourage! Growing up, I had so many cookbooks and I always loved getting new ones. This one from Williams-Sonoma is the perfect addition to any young cookbook collectors collection!   ($14.95)



Letters To My Future Self – I am obsessed with this idea. This booklet includes 12 fold-and-mail style letters, each with a prompt to inspire self-reflection. You then save them for a later date and see where you were then and where you were now. This is a great gift for kids because they can fill everything in now and then open it once they’re older. I love this idea so much, I want to get one for myself!   ($14.95)



Electric Guitar – Music can inspire so many people and its a universal language. Nowadays, children are demonstrating insane talent at any age. For the musically inclined youngin’, this electric guitar from First Act x Adam Levine is a perfect introduction. This company is great because they have plenty of other musical instruments and they’re all ridiculously affordable. It’s perfect for beginners!   ($149.99  |  $69.99)